Outdoor Peppers 2016

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The peppers are still indoors at this point, but getting big - about 13 weeks old now for the indoor/outdoor pair, a yummy and a carmen.

This is my first try growing yummy. They seem to need more light than carmen. It didn't hold onto any fruit until I got up to 3 23W CFLs for the two plants. But now happy.

The regular-season outdoor peppers are also 3 weeks old now (from seed).

A little bit of everything, subject to change any time


This is like going to a friend's house for dinner and finding they have the slide projector or video of their vacation to Hoboken ready to bore you to death. At least here you can leave at any time. It shows the good, bad and ugly as I learned to keep little bushes green and sometimes produce fruit.

Peppers! We have peppers!


Wow, Peat's liguid nutrients have made everything start growing like weeds and I'll try to start a real grow log soon but I couldn't wait to share what I found this morning. There are two Sandia Green Chiles almost an inch long and 3 or 4 half that size. They should grow 6-8" long. That little plant is just amazing.

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