Wilted roots, dying sprouts

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Wilted roots, dying sprouts

I've had my little AeroGarden Harvest (6 pod) for a few months now and grown about 3 sets of seedlings to planting size. My last 3 tries have been an utter failure. I cant seem to find out what is going wrong. The seeds dont germinate and my last attempt i sprouted the tomatoes seeds in a little water before adding them to the AeroGarden. This is what has happened to them this week. The roots are all wilted and bascally come apart at touch. like it sat in bad water of something and rotted. (see attached pics)

Does anyone know whats going on? I really love my little AeroGarden in my kitchen :(

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I think that's called damping

I think that's called damping off.

It's basically a microbial disease that killed your sprouts.

So something isn't sterile. It could be the Aerogarden (wash with dilute bleach), or the water (you could try using distilled for seedlings...), or the sponges.

Washing the sponges is a little tricky. Soak them in hydrogen peroxide solution, maybe a tablespoon H2O2 per cup of water. Take any seeds out first of course. And then soak off the peroxide from the sponge with very clean water (like the distilled).

Yet even with all that, it can still happen that the microbes are in your air.

Anyway, that's the extreme treatment. Hope it gives you a few ideas.

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