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Portable Garden Systems LLC is a small manufacturing company owned and operated by American Veterans. PGS produces stadium style tiered wooden planters in various sizes to accommodate space requirements. Our garden system can be used to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables almost anywhere. Our planters are manufactured by American Veterans, and our ultimate goal is to employ disabled veterans in every aspect of our operation. We trust our product will enrich both the lives of people who grow with our system as well as those who manufacture and bring our garden planter to you. Please visit our website at www.portablegardensystems.com to learn more about our product or like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Portable-Garden-Planter/1176... Thank you!
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Welcome, and thanks so much
Welcome, and thanks so much for sharing! I can't resist tossing a photo into the conversation, from your website:

Portable Garden Systems

Guys, thank you for doing what you're doing, sincerely. Manufacturing locally with disabled vets, and building a good product, is really wonderful.

As a condo gardener myself, this looks like a great way to get even more mileage out of the side of my driveway.

Have you looked into ways to make this self-watering? Like pots with bottom reservoirs, or perhaps a gravity-fed drip system? The pots look like they're suspended from the pot-lip, though. There must be a limit to how heavy a load you can do that with - I notice the tomatoes are resting on the ground instead of suspended.

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