Vine Tomatoes in DIY Aeroponics Fogger/Bubbler Starter - Part 1

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Planted two tomato varities - Mexico and Polish Linguise.  The Mexico tomato is a beefstreak.  The Polish Linguise is sauce tomato.  Both varities are productive and season long. Picking my seeds for all plants with these two features in mind.  (future alpine strawberries).

The tomatoes were all started in DIY fogger system.  Started with a plastic mixing bowel. Traced four 2" nets on lid then Dremel cut the holes. Drilled hole to feed fogger power cable through.

Grommet sealed hole to fog contained.  Used different clear containers to maintain heat and prevent water lose.

Seeds were sown in Perfect Starts #2.  All seeds germinated within 4 days.

Did notice on the first day that water temperature reached 100 degrees F with the fogger running all time.  Setup a timer to cycle 30 mins on and 90 mins off.  Used a second timer to keep the light on for 17 hours per day.

I did wrap the Perfect Starts in paper towels.  Why?  Not sure but I did. On day 15 for start I noted the paper towels were breaking down.  Chose remove the paper towls. Since I was messing with the plants and they had their second set of real leaves went ahead and transplanted them to the DIY 4 port drip system.

Saga continues in part 2...

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Busy DIYer! Cool systems, td.

Busy DIYer! Cool systems, td. I'm thinking that system looks a tad small for 4 tomato plants, especially beefsteaks, but you'll cross that bridge when you come to it.

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