Update on the Farm Plus

The attached photo shows the status of my Farm Plus.  As you can see, I added a second Farm Plus with the stacking kit.  The upper garden is fastened to the wall, as recommended to prevent tipping.  Everything has worked perfectly on both Farm Pluses.

The lower unit shows 17 days of growth.  I’ve already harvested my first side salad from the greens on the left.   On the right the tomatoes and the sweet peppers are doing nicely, but the poblano peppers haven’t sprouted yet.  Also, I slipped in a Burpee bushsteak tomato pod on the left, it hasn’t sprouted yet.  

The upper unit has 12 days of growth.  The left side has heirloom cherry tomatoes and golden harvest tomatoes, the right side has more greens.  Everything has sprouted nicely.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t use the water and nutrient alerts on the AGs.  I top off the water every day. I also check EC and pH every day and tweak them with AG nutrient and pH Down.  What I’ve observed is that about 2.2 ml of AG nutrient results in a 0.1 increase in EC, in each side of the Farm Plus.  But the change in EC from day to day also depends on the nutrient consumption of the plants, which varies with the stage of growth.   About o.4 ml of General Hydroponics pH Down results in a 0.1 reduction in pH, although that’s not exact because nutrient level (EC) also affects pH.  These values are for the Farm and Farm Plus only.  They’ll be different for other AGs due to the different water volume.

The photo also shows the 6 inch fans I’ve clipped to the side frame to lower the air temperature under the grow lights.

I’ll do a drain and refill after one month.  I don’t plan to do a rinse, it’s too messy in my condo except at replanting.

Happy hydroponics!

Wally R

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Nice post and very

Nice post and very informative.   

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Very cool, Wally, thanks for

Very cool, Wally, thanks for sharing!

You could do a sort-of rinse by draining, filling, draining, then a refill. But unless you're solving a problem, it is a lot of work.

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