Trouble with seed pods & plants; nutrient timer

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Trouble with seed pods & plants; nutrient timer

Hi. I have 2 AG Harvests. I've had them both about a year & have several questions. 


SEED PODS: I've had several that did absolutely nothing. The Rouge D'Hiver, cilantro, chives, & oregano were duds. The company sent replacements for all except cilantro (guessing cuz that was in my initial kit & not guaranteed?) But again, the lettuce, chives & oregano didn't germinate. Anyone have this problem? Am wondering just how old their seeds are. I finally dropped some of my own chive seeds in & those worked. 

MIGHTY MINI CHERRY TOMATOES: I love these things but ALL of them have died after beating fruit one time. They plants look GREAT & blossom like crazy. But after the tomatoes come in, the leaves & branches start to dry up & die to the point it won't let the fruit ripen. Ive experimented with different light times, put magnesium in the water (as suggested by customer service) & of course do the scheduled nutrients. Nothing helps. I also grew some in soul next to the AG & they did the same thing. I thought they were supposed to bear fruit a couple of times at least... 

BABY GREENS: I've tried these 4 times & they all get 1-2 inches tall then suddenly dry up & die. I've tried keeping taller plastic domes over them as they grow & that helped a bit on the last one. But then the plant started to wilt so I slowly removed the cover more each day. Sure enough, the plant looked good for a day or 2 then suddenly died. Are the baby greens simply too delicate? 

NUTRIENT TIMERS: Both of my Harvests nutrient timers are screwed up. I reset them EVERY time nutrients are added but the lights will flash at random times. I've tried unplugging them but it keeps happening. Any suggestions? 

Sorry so long but hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance! 




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 Sorry to hear you've had

 Sorry to hear you've had such trouble, zoolady. And welcome to the forum.

I haven't grown the plants you discuss except for baby greens. Those hated my water. If they shrivel and die when exposed to your air, I imagine your air is too dry for them. They might need spritzing.

Bad water can be a serious problem for lettuce germinating as well. And, lettuce seed does get too old to germinate fairly quickly, like 2 years. Pepper seeds are likewise short-lived.

If the tomato in soil died the same way as the tomato in the Aerogarden, it's just wearing itself out. I've seen other tomato varieties that do that. Just put so much energy into their first crop that they failed to invest in living past that. So yeah, it could just be the variety.

Anyway, that's all I can comment on. And welcome.

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