Transplanting tomatoes

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Transplanting tomatoes

Many northeasterns grow tomatoes and since the planting season begins so late a lot of varites of tomatoes don't fruit until august.

 My thought is to start the plants indoors, in an aerogarden,  earlier in the season and give them a headstart. The problem is that the roots grow in 1 long strand. What is the best way, if any, to bring that mature plant outside? 

















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Hey John, in fact I'm

Hey John, in fact I'm planting my first round of tomatoes today. :) (Waves at you from shoreline Connecticut.) Actually starting my second round of peppers today. I pot up the first round in their final outdoor containers weeks before they can move outside full time.

The truth is that I don't bother with the Aerogarden step of the tomato-and-pepper-start process. For the peppers, it would save save space for a good long time, and keep them warm for germination (peppers germinate awfully slow if they're not warm enough). But, they'd need to move to pots for a few weeks anyway, for 4-to-7-week size.

Tomatoes, I don't see an advantage to starting in the Aerogarden. I have tried it, but won't bother to waste sponges on it again. By age 2-3 weeks, they need a pot, and the early guys can't go outside until they're 6-8 weeks old, and it's a nuisance to transplant them twice. So I fill pots (like 6" pots for the first round of slow or beefsteaky, 4" for the earlier-bearing round 2 tomatoes) about 1/3 full with potting mix, perlite, a dusting of limestone - or just potting mix. Then when they're big enough, bury the stem the first time (3 week point? something like that). Tomatoes get biggish kinda fast. (Compared to peppers, at least.)

Starting tomatoes in an Aerogarden doesn't solve the fact they need potting up and supplemental light, before they can go outside. It's just less effort to pot them in the first place, and use the Aerogarden to grow greens.


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