It has been a while. I have learned a lot about hydroponic tomatos in the passing days. The tomatos I grew in the aerogardens were bland, no taste. Only had one that had any flavor and I wasn't about to tie up an ag for another one. 

I bought an ebb and flow system and decided to try toms again. 

I started with a Prince Edward black tomato (it was a sample included in a seed shipment for various lettuces). I found out:

a) I was using nutrients at too high a level

b) not the best tack to use an indeterminate variety of tom 

c) I need Calcium-magnesium additive in addition to the other nutes. Blossom end rot.

Despite the problems, I got some of the best tasting tomatos... wheeeeee. 

Right now I'm trying to grow celery. I have grown baby bok choi which grows just dandy. Strawberries which are just putting out leaves and runners. Lettuce which performs marvlously, which suits me fine. Salad every day. 

I am going to attempt a brussel sprout. 

The system could use a could clean out, but I can't do that because I have too much still growing.   

The Prince Edward is on borrowed time, it looks like heck but it still has a few toms ripening. Once they are gone I'm going to chuck the plant. I have a young heirloom tom coming up behind it. This is a determinate variety (name escapes me). I think it needs a little more light but I can't lower the lamp because the old tom is too high. However, I think I have the nute mix down good as I am not getting any leaf shriveling.


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Great to hear, Twocents! What

Great to hear, Twocents! What kind of ebb&flow system and lights are you using?

Good luck with the brussel sprouts. I tried them outside the year before last. They take a great deal longer than the package led me to believe. sad No sprouts by end of season...

I'd love to see pictures sometime! Pretty please?

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