Tomatoes and pH

I checked the pH for my tomato garden in the Farm Plus today and it was 4.7!  It was 5.7 yesterday.  I haven’t used any pH Down in that garden in 2 weeks.  It’s the first time I’ve had to use pH Up.  Any comments?

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Just hooked up tubing to the

Just hooked up tubing to the pump to drain the basin.  The tubing AeroGarden supplied didn’t work, it had too many kinks in it from being packed.  I had some tubing for use with aerators and that worked.  Will do a water change and re feed.   Thanks!

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Tomatoes really do a number

Tomatoes really do a number on their water. I wouldn't solve that with pH up - I'd dump the reservoir and start fresh. If the pH is that far off, so are the nutrients. EC only tells you the density of something in the water. Not that it's a good something.

The bigger the tomato plants get, the faster they trash their water. I'd dump and refill every week.

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