Tea Set in Aerogarden 3

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Tea set was sown directly into the Aerogarden 3 on Dec 23, 2009.  This kit includes Lemon Balm, Mint and Bergamont.

The Bergamont did not grow beyond a single small leaf.  Looked for Bergamont seed with little result.  The two replacement plants that I looked at were Nettle and Bee Balm.  Picked bee balm.

Started bee balm on Jan 18.  Replaced the AG3 sponge with a Perfect Start #2. It was a better fit then the original sponge.

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Called today.  Bergamot is on

Called today.  Bergamot is on the way..

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Your lemon balm looks nice.

Your lemon balm looks nice. I tried starting some with my mint last month, but it never germinated. Will try again sometime.

td - did you realize that if an AG kit pod fails, you just call AG customer support and they send you a free replacement pod? They often give you a choice of pod, too. Like, you could ask for a new bergamot, or hem and haw and suggest, it didn't work out, so maybe a lemon balm would be better, and... Or perhaps basil, I've always wanted to grow basil... Aerogarden customer support is awesome.

Just call during their office hours, don't email. They're not so good at email support. Monday - Friday 7 AM to 6 PM (Mountain Time) 1-800 476-9669.

Just don't plant the replacement pod with the old kit. The new seedlings will get over-nute poisoning and die of the shade, most likely, since the others are so much older.

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