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I have heard a little bit about Stevia before.  Last week I was in NYC and found the new Vitamin Water 10 (10 calorie version) is sweetened with Stevia (or since it is Coke, probably their Truvia strain).  My dad is boarderline diabetic so it peaked my interest.

I was reading an article and Maximum Yield, the magazine given for free at my local hydroponic shop and went online to find an archived article referred in this month's magazine.  Found a nice article about growing Stevia.

I know Gisette had a try growing it last summer without success but was wondering if someone else had tried?  I found Stevia seeds at the local garden center so is considering trying to grow it even thought it sounds as if it would start better as cuttings than from seeds.


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 - Jessi Jordan

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You may be able to simply buy a plant, Mary. I saw one for sale at my local garden center today.  Meeting one in person, you can try a leaf and see if you like it.


MaryH (not verified)

Well I tried the drink Vitamin Water 10 sweetened with Stevia and it was fine.  I called around and they all say they should start getting herbs in in 1-2 weeks time.  I was also looking at Rosemary.  If I can find a plant, I think cloning is faster and makes better sense from what I read.

jessijordan (not verified)

wondering if someone else had tried growing stevia from seed again in the AG?

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Not that I've heard, Jessi. I saw some stevia in the local greenhouse/nursery yesterday, and tasted it again... I still don't like the aftertaste. If I were trying it this time of year in the AG, I think I'd buy a small plant to put in a pot or sunny garden, and try to root cuttings for the AG.