The "Squash" Growbox

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I bought two Growboxes this spring, to try to bring an Aerogarden-like experience to the great outdoors, on my narrow 3rd floor bedroom balcony. These have now been growing for 3 seasons straight, though it's November now, and soon even the fall greens will have to end.

This is just a lightbox show of the "squashbox" progression over the seasons. May add more commentary later.

My growboxes arrived late - backordered. Which was a drag, since I'd started plants for them indoors. The rule of thumb locally is that it's safe to plant anything outside after Mother's Day. (Not true this year - I lost my first round of basil plants that way. ) Anyway - they arrived, and I put spinach and bean seeds in them.

growboxes installed on 3rd floor balcony view from my room onto growbox balcony spinach, toy choi seed planted in new growbox week 1 - started zucchini & cuke seeds indoors a week before, pole bean seeds week 2: pole beans and toy choi visible week 3 week 3 toy choi (5" pak choi - 30 days germination to harvest)

week 3 zuke closeup week 3: cuke closeup week 4: pole bean climbing, before cropped toy choi week 4: toy choi crop, 1/4 serving :)

 week 5: zuke blooming, cucumber beetles summoned... :(

... Heh. Haven't gotten to reconstructing most of this yet, but...

Week 27: The End. Harvested the last of the spinach and mustard greens Friday, and the last of the lettuce today. Late autumn's been warm, but tonight, that ends - forecast calls for every night below freezing for the rest of the month. I left spinach stumps there, but really expect only swiss chard to continue at these temps.

week 27: last greens harvest (probably) - winter arriving week 27: spinach / mustard quiche with last harvest of those

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Finally reconstructed the

Finally reconstructed the cuke/zuke 2008 story, and put it in a Picasa album.

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