Site performance lately

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Site performance lately

Hi gang,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm aware that the site's been up and down for a few days. My hosting service and I have changed a few things, that may help. But essentially the problem is a hacker attack, of the "denial of service" type. That means some hackers in China and the Ukraine are just flooding the server with bogus traffic to pull it down.

There's no reason for this. They're not trying to get any information of yours, nor could it do them any good or you any harm if they did. It's just... what they do. They set up automated processes that attack web sites for no real reason, for no gain. They probably don't even know what sites their software picked to attack.

I'll keep working the problem, but... Basically the behavior of these random foreign hackers has nothing to do with us.

Sorry. frown


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