Simple Things to do with Herbs

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Simple things to do with basil and dill:

1.) Sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese, with basil leaves between each layer, drizzled with a garlic & olive oil mix. Yum... I think this is called "caprese". (Here in greater Little Italy, we call it "tomatoes and fresh mootz.")

2.) Snip fresh herbs into canned soup, after it's heated. Like when I was growing dill and basil, I'd snip one or the other into vegetable soup, to eat with a grilled cheese sandwich.

3.) Snipped fresh dill + rice vinegar + sugar + a little salt (to taste). Marinate sliced cucumber in it (a couple hours) for fresh pickle.

4.) Sauteed dill + onion + zucchini is a classic.

5.) Steamed dill + onion + spinach is a classic. Optionally, add a bit of feta cheese.


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