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I'm just copying over this list to keep for future reference - kind of a nuisance to compile. FWIW, I do have other seeds (and am currently growing them), that I just don't have in large enough quantity to share. Also have a bunch of oriental greens on order, but the company seems to be taking a long shipping break - I hope no one's hurt.

I'd like:

miniature enough to grow in Pro100:
small but good-tasting tomatoes
corn salad

Also, would like to try Perfect Starts or rockwool. Can trade Park Starts inserts, which are a good size for mini/AG6 long pods.

I have ... in sufficient quantity to share, commercial seeds unless otherwise noted:

snapdragon, terracotta mix, Park (medium height)
Not AG:
California poppy, Burpee Fordhook mix - if you want it, take all - requires cool and dry, which doesn't happen here
snapdragon, rocket bronze, Park (tall)
sweet pea, streamers mix, Burpee - tall vine
cypress vine, Burpee - tall vine

veggies outdoor:
Kentucky Wonder pole snap beans, Burpee for Walmart
Swiss Chard, mixed colors, Walmart (bright lights) (can go in Aerogarden, but much better outdoors)
Spinach, baby's leaf hybrid, Burpee - nice slightly nutty flavor, very easy to grow outdoors

AG/outdoor veggies:
Tendergreen mustard, Burpee - really good mild mustard! harvest 35 days
Pak choi, toy choi hybrid, Burpee - 4-5" tall, harvest 30 days after sowing seed (have grown in AG)
Eggplant twinkle (Park) (24" tall, 55 days)
Eggplant bambino (Burpee) (12" tall, 45 days)
Lettuce, Simpson Elite, Burpee - heat-tolerant variant of Black-Seeded Simpson (have grown in AG)
Lettuce organic gourmet blend (Target) Grand rapids, royal oak leaf, salad bowl, red salad bowl, and ruby (have grown in AG)
Komatsuna, two types (Evergreen Seeds)
Amaranth, two types (Evergreen Seeds)
Contender bush bean (Burpee)
Tomato, supertasty (Burpee)
Tomato, early girl indeterminate (Park Seed)
Tomato, buck's county hybrid (Burpee)
Pepper, banana (sweet hungarian type, Park Seed)
Pepper, carmen (sweet italian type, Park Seed)
Pepper, mariachi (sweet mexican type, very mildly hot, Park Seed)
Cucumber, several varieties
Cantaloupe, a small early variety

Common chives, Burpee
Sweet basil, Burpee
lemon grass, Park Seed
fernleaf dill, Park Seed
cilantro, BurpeeĀ 

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sarzi (not verified)
Thanks for this list, I'm
Thanks for this list, I'm planning to plant some vegetables and herbs. - Kris Krohn