Question about Roots

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Question about Roots


I started my Herb kit @ 24 days ago and my herbs are thriving, especially the 2 basils. I have noticed their roots are so long and full already and imagine they "could" take over the entire reservoir. A friend of mine who has the same issue asked if I thought the roots could be trimmed so they don't "strangle" the other less invasive herb roots. Is this something that anyone has done, or it would be detrimental to the basil plants?

Thanks for any advice.


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I was wondering the same with

I was wondering the same with my pepper plants. The mini jap roots are getting out of hand. Im 42 days in. Even trimming the leaves is pretty scary. 


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Welcome, Sandee.

Welcome, Sandee.

Only 24 days, and you're thinking of pruning roots? O.O

No, I wouldn't prune the roots.


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