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I tried to drain and refill the water from the left side lettuce garden on my Farm Plus and found that the pump wasn’t working.  On the Farm Plus, the pump is used to drain the basin.  I lifted up the deck on the garden and found that the roots were growing around the pump intake.  I cleared them from the intake and the pump started up.  I don’t know if the roots were plugging the intake or actually getting into the pump rotor.  So, even if you don’t do a weekly drain and refill, it seems necessary to at least check the pump operation by lifting the deck a bit and pressing the pump test button. I may try to make a ring of screen material to put around the pump to keep the intake clear.  Some of the lettuce is suffering, I’m not sure how long the pump was out.  We’ll see if it bounces back or if I have to replant.

I did a drain and refill on the right side tomato garden, those are doing nicely.

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On the Farm Plus, the pump is

On the Farm Plus, the pump is dead-center in the middle of the basin with the intake on one side.  It looked like the roots were making a bee-line for the intake, the flow must have been drawing them in.

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Interesting. I don't what the

Interesting. I don't what the geometry is like on the Farm pumps. On my old Pro100 AG, I wrapped the pump in a bit of pantyhose to cut down on root intrusion. Seemed to work.

I would credit the person-not-me who came up with the idea, but I don't remember her handle, and she wasn't on this forum.

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