Plum sprouting?

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Plum sprouting?

I have some plum seeds (pits, i guess) i want to try sprouting. Are there special strategies?

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Oh, that project sounds cool,

Oh, that project sounds cool, tmcdanel! Good luck with it!

I'd start the plum pit in soil, though, and give it some light when it sprouts. I don't think the Aerogarden is the right tool for that job.

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Thanks for the reply,

Thanks for the reply, Hardware Junkie, and the video. Althought i will have to watch the video when my wife is not asleep next to me. No headphones. I am not sure whether or not to try it. My hope was to start in the hydroponic then grow it in a pot for a couple of years, or so. Then plant it outside the way one would with a tree purchased from a nursery. It seems like a lot of trouble. With no greenhouse, ihot i might transplant it to a pot and keep that under a bright, cool LED spotight for a year. They are cheap for electricity. 

It seems like a lot of trouble but i got them from off a guy's tree who was quite proud of his trees because they were bred in Montana for zone 4 mountainous growing. And the plums were bright red, very sweet and delicious. He assured me that each tree has both genders and he said he got a 25% sprouting rate. However my place is about a thousand feet higher than his, so i can't be overly optimistic. Plums are not a common fruit at 5300 feet, i think.

Since the task is elaborate and difficult and slow, and the product is unique and tasty, i thought it would be a worthy challenge.

Thanks again for your generous advice.

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Basically the result will be

Basically the result will be a fruit tree if successful. For it to work in an AG, you'll have to adopt a Bonsai like stragety of agreesive pruning.


That being said, to get a tree to a fruiting stage will take years. And there is no guarantee if successful that your tree will produce fruit, or even fruit close to that of the original.

Most fruit trees aren't grown from seed but grafted from a parent plant.

Your plant will also eventually outgrow the areogarden, or get stuck in it.


If you still want to venture down that road, see the video below - its probably your best way to get going.

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