Plants dying and roots moulding??

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Plants dying and roots moulding??

Hi guys,


I'm kind of in a scary situation right now. Two of my plants looked like they were starting to die and another one was not growing that much at all. Today I looked under the lid to find MOULD growing ON the roots of the dying plants. What should I do? I also looked online about root trimming and only found posts saying I should trim roots to keep them away from the pump, but that was it. In my opinion the roots are WAY too big but I'm afraid to trim them.


My phone takes awfully large pictures so I have uploaded them to this public Google Drive folder:


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi,I was having a slight mold

Hi,I was having a slight mold problem also waiting for my tea to come up for 2 weeks,only 2 had...yesterday I added an aquarium pump and air stone and in 24 hours I can see the improvement...3 new plants sprouted over night and the 2 exising plants doubled in size...air is good.....

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Hi Nightingale, welcome. :)

Hi Nightingale, welcome. :)

Sorry about your plants. Yeah, maybe mold, maybe algae. But those plants look dead to me. Since they're also diseased, I'd just get 'em outta there. With the roots in the brown slimey stage - the plant's dead. RIP.

Which came first, death or green stuff? Can't tell.

The other roots and plants look healthy. There's no need to prune roots, ever.

If you're concerned about the whatever-it-is spreading, I'd dump and refill the reservoir. Twice, to rinse the roots. Then after you've refilled and added fresh nutes, add half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. In low doses, plants enjoy it, and it helps kill off algae and other microbes.

If you don't have hydrogen peroxide today, chlorine in tap water will do some. That's why we chlorinate water. So even if you baby the plants with distilled or rain water usually, you can clean the roots with tap water.

Hope that helps!

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