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I never got around to that passive hydroponic product for IndoorSalad. So designed the product this week and planted the acceptance tests / demo plants yesterday.

In this group we have 2 pots with half-and-half growstones and coir, 1 just coir, 1 Miracle Gro potting mix. One of the half-and-half's is summercrisp lettuce only. The other 3 pots are planted with summercrisp and basil. The new product will include the pot. Though it's a self-watering pot, the hole isn't very helpful for adding liquid - more useful for overflow and letting air into the bottom.

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Assuming this passes the

Assuming this passes the acceptance test (it should, I've tested most of it before) - anybody have any cool names for this product?

FWIW, I'd skip the colors "turbulent" and "living green". But may offer 3-5 other choices of pot color, especially if I can get the pots cheap enough.

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