Other neutriants besides aerodarden neutriants

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Other neutriants besides aerodarden neutriants

I read success stories about people who use other neutriants besides the general one that aerodarden recommends especially neutriants that are specifically targeted to what you are growing. 

The problem I have is that all of the neutriants com in such large sizes compared to the amount that you need to use. What does anyone do to make or buy such a small amount? I am specifically thinking of using the "Maxigrow" formula but this question applies to all other types of products too? 




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Just don't buy the Organic

Just don't buy the Organic stuff. I find it clogs the Aergoarden's.

Anything that is clear and an A&B mix should work well.

The only reason I stick with the Aerogarden stuff is its easier. No mixing.

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Try pouring the nutrient

Try pouring the nutrient liquid in a smaller bottle. It makes it a LOT easier to handle.

I buy mine by the gallon and just use the original bottles. Been doing this for the past year.


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