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Nutrient help

I have a 6 pod Harvest Elite that I only grew 4 basil plants in. I have spacers covering the 2 empty holes.  They started out great, then after a month or so, some leaves had yellow areas, and new growth was coming in shriveled.  I read that water and/or nutrients might be the problem.

I've gone ahead and replaced the tap water with distilled water. But I'm wondering about the amount of nutrients I should be using. Should I still be using 2 capfuls with only 4 plants? I wasn't sure if I was using too much and that might have been the problem.  Can't seem to find any info on this. I'm getting ready to start a new garden and want to be sure I don't screw it up again. Thanks



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Scale nutrients to the amount

Scale nutrients to the amount of water, not to the number of plants. When in doubt, lower nutrients.

Aerogarden says to keep adding nutrients every two weeks to the old reservoir. Bad idea. Dump the reservoir every time before adding nutrients. You'll get better results. With tomatoes, it's an absolute necessity. Basil is more tolerant... But that water is gunk after 2 weeks.

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My bottle states for 2_3

My bottle states for 2_3 plants 1 cap and 6_7 two capfuls, being 4 is not given I would assume 4 plants would be 1 capful.  Hope this helps.