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Hey all, I am a Texas Native who enjoys all things gardening and cooking! I am getting into using an aerogarden to provide my husband and I with organic, natural and homegrown herbs and foods. For now I am focusing on leafy greens and herbs. I am currently waiting on an order of salad green seeds! Utililizing my aerogarden harvest touch (not in use yet) will be perfect as we are living in an apartment at the moment and management here is pretty strict as to what we can have on the patio. Also, being able to have my garden indoors will be of ease when I want to snip off some greens or herbs to add to a dish. We love to cook!! Well, feel free to say hi and/or drop me a message telling about what some of your favorite things are to grow in your aerogardens! wink

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 Welcome, Aztec!

 Welcome, Aztec!

Lettuce is definitely my favorite thing to grow in the Aerogarden.

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