My First Impressions of the Farm Plus

I received my Farm Plus yesterday.  It took about 2 hours for me to assemble it, only 12 screws to install.  The assembly instructions were very clear.  The build quality seems very good, the frame is metal and pretty solid.  I plugged it in and everything worked!

It’s really two independent 12 pod units.  You go through ‘Quick Plant’ separately for the left and right garden, and can select different plant types for each side.  The light controls are independent for each side too.  I was surprised that the lights are motorized, they raise and lower on each side with a touch of the touchscreen. Each side is 60 watts.  I might have preferred manual light raising as being more durable.  You have to switch between the left and right gardens on the touchscreen to access the controls for each side. 

Each side has it’s own pump to circulate the water/nutrient.  I like the design of the water filling port, it’s much easier to see if it’s full than on my Bounty Elite.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it appears that the pump can be used to drain the basin to a bucket for rinse and refill or replanting.  Since the Farm Plus sits on the floor, a siphon wouldn’t work because the bucket would have to be lower than the garden basin.  The water level and nutrient reminders are the same as on other touchscreen AGs.  I don’t use them as I monitor EC to keep track of nutrient level and I top off the water every day or so.

The WiFi worked but doesn’t seem that useful.  I had to download a WiFi software update for the garden, and then it paired with my iPad.  Unless I’m missing something the app only shows info for one side of Farm Plus. I tried to pair the iPad with the other side too as a separate garden, but it wouldn’t do that.   Since I don’t use the water and nutrient alerts, notifications on my iPad or iPhone don’t do anything for me.

I planted the AG Jumbo Veggies kit on one side (tomatoes, poblanos, and sweet peppers) and mostly greens on the other side, with a single Thai pepper and mini tomato plant thrown in.  I’ll let you know how they work out.

I think the AG Farm is the same as the Farm Plus, except with 12 inch grow height instead of 24 inches.

Wally R


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Very cool, Wally, thanks!

Very cool, Wally, thanks!

The pump working to drain the basin sounds like a great design feature.

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