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Missing seeds

Just a heads up that I have now received three 9 pod seed kits that had more than a few with no seeds at all placed in the sponges.  When I call customer service they send me a replacement kit with no questions asked.  In fact, they are so nice about it I actually feel guilty accepting a replacement box. 

Two of the seed kits were on Petunias, and one was for various types of lettuce. 


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Wow, now I'm starting to

Wow, now I'm starting to think I've gotten some with no seeds.  I thought that they just didn't sprout, but maybe that's because they weren't even there!

-Rhiannon R.

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Maybe i should've checked

Maybe i should've checked mine before planting


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I'm glad you were able to

I'm glad you were able to resolve the seedless pod issue. I recently set up my second garden and needed to contact Aerogrow about ordering seed pods mixing herb and salad green varieties with the exact items and quantities I wanted. Unable to simply make up a custom 7 pod order, I tried to call 5 times and never was connected to a person from sales or customer service. A e-mail to the corporate office was also unanswered. 

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I'm relieved to hear that you

I'm relieved to hear that you received pods with no seeds. Like you I'm always embarrassed to call Aerogarden when their pods didn't work because they are so nice about it.  It never occurred to me that I received pods with no seeds in them. I guess being nice does not mean that their products could be defective. 

I am curious how many others have also received seedless pods. 

From now on I will checking to see if there are seeds in pods before I plant them. 

I would like to hear Aerogarden's response to the seedless pod claim. How often do pods come to the consumer without seeds? Just how often does this occur? 



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