Mary's Home Depot herb pots

I went in search for Stevia plant at 4 garden centers Thurs night without success.   

At Home Depot, I did find some Frisee (curly chicory) seeds and 2 small kits I intend to use for herb.  One is a small blue metal pail with 1 cocopeat and 100 basil seeds and the other is a gavinized metal window planter with 2 cocopeat and catgrass (will give the catgrass seeds away).  If nothing else, the kits are C$2 each and basil seeds would have cost me a few pennies. 

Fothergill's is the maker bucket of herbs (several herb flavours) and Cat Grass and they are a Canadian company so may or may not not be in US Home depots. The cardboard packaging (or buckets too) were made in China.

Some inexpensive kits to grow some additional herbs that you can bring in after the season.  I am undecided about what to plant.  Options are to plant:

- rooted AG basil cuttings
- lemon basil
- Sorrel
- Frisee
- Stevia (in addition to buying it as herb mid-May)


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MaryH (not verified)
One had sorrel and they

One had sorrel and they germinated well but they did not grow that well.  Might have been a little too crowded.

Parsley germinated but died off. 

Basils (Cinnamon and Lemon basils) have not germinated after 2 weeks.

They might be okay for seed starting but I don't think they are that great for normal grow.  The ones with mushroom composts just loves it.

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Interesting, Mary. Wonder why

Interesting, Mary. Wonder why herbs didn't like the cococoir.

I've got some basils outside (lemon and sweet) in my new annual garden. They were getting absolutely nowhere until I realized that the edging stones (cinderblock - guess it's essentially concrete) were making the whole bed too alkaline. The basils perked up fast after a bit of acid-lover Miracle Gro.

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MaryH (not verified)
The herb sdid not seem to

The herb sdid not seem to like the Coconut coir...  I  might use the coconut coir mixed with other stuff to improve them but will likely use a mixture of mushroom compost, peat moss, and vermiculite instead.


MaryH (not verified)
The blue herb planter had

The blue herb planter had been planted with Sorrel..

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