Lily's AG3 with 2 pod Salad Green and 1 pod custom Arugula

I had given one of my BB&B NYC AG3 in black to my sister for an early birthday present and will keep her in stock with seed kits for the rest of the year.  I even set it up for her today since she had an SS6 for 2 months in the box before I bought it off her.

She would have liked cherry tomatoes but both SS6 and AG3 are not suited and doubt she would remember to pollinate them. Thus after some discussion, we agreed on salad greens.   The regular salad green pods while prolific are sometimes a bit bland so we decided on 2 salad green pods for bulk and 1 custom pod with arugula to give it a little kick of flavour.

It has been set up at 7pm EST on May 5th.  I think she might remember nutrient every 2 weeks and water occassionally in addition to the harvest.   I just saw a dried up bamboo plant in her house and it takes a lot to kill one of those.



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That is what I figured.  I

That is what I figured.  I need to start her slow and easy with minimum maintenance and quick reward.  I figured that salad green is harvestable at 3 weeks and arugula at 4 and it should be good.  I have given her single packs herb nutrients rather than the double pack lettuce nutrients to prevent her from over feeding.  By the look of things both herb and salad green uses AG small tabs and should be interchangeable.  This will keep her experimenting but small experimentation.


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Well, maybe she'll get

Well, maybe she'll get interested when she sees them growing. The salad greens are quick and stay interesting...

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