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12.7.08 - just planted a new lettuce garden from Gisette seeds she so graciously sent. I had Evergreen Seeds Korean red curl and Burpee toy choi growing in Rapid Rooter outriders since 11.19. I did some serious trimming of the RRs to fit them in an AG pod and hope I didn't do fatal damage to roots. They are looking better after just a few hours, though. The others, planted in the new peat pods are:

Evergreen Seeds Hybrid Bimitas

Burpee Simpson Elite

Evergreen Seeds Fragrant Choi

Burpee heatwave lettuce blend

Burpee toy choi (just in case)

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Yes, the heatwave seeds are

Yes, the heatwave seeds are all mixed together. Perhaps I'm just goofy, but I sort the seeds by visible appearance and kinda plant similar-looking ones in the same pod. It is better not to have looseleaf and romaine types sharing a pod... and there are some lettuces in that mix that have hooked leaves that get tangled on everything...

You'll work it out. That's part of the fun.

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ironhalo (not verified)
 Thanks again for all the

 Thanks again for all the links and suggestions everyone.  The Epicurious visual guide to lettuces is especially informative.

For now I have decided to try one or two pods of Butterhead, one pod of Burpee's Vivian Romaine, another of Little Caesar Romaine, and the rest will be the heatwave looseleaf mix.   That variety should give me a good idea of what works well for my setup...then I can re-evaluate for the second go-around.

So with the heatwave looseleaf mix, I assume the seeds are all mixed together...so you could end up with different types growing out of the same pod?  Does that ever cause a problem?  And sowing 4-5 seeds per pod and thinning to 3 plants is the key?

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Stonecold - Evergreen Seeds

Stonecold - Evergreen Seeds is where I got the Korean Red Curl. They've just been kinda going in and out of business for some reason.

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Hi Josh and welcome, I've

Hi Josh and welcome,

I've grown the butterhead type (Tom Thumb) in the AG, but transplanted it into a DIY aero setup which I built.

Everyone has pretty much covered the lot, it's basically grow and cut the whole thing down once the head has formed, but, you can harvest the leaves as they develop for a smaller snack if you want.

Thanks for the comment on my guide, flora series + lettuce = a great crop, you won't be disappointed. 



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Found korean red curl online,

Found korean red curl online, http://www.evergreenseeds.com/koleredcu.html.

But you need to order $10 worth of stuff before shipping.

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You never know until you

You never know until you try.  But I would probably do only 1-2 pods of the heads if I am experimenting :D

I found some Frisse (or curley chicory) seeds at the garden center today in my failed attempt to get pineapple sage plant and stevia plant and have been wondering if I can use them in AG. 

This might be interesting and give you some ideas of different salad greens...


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 MaryH, I have the Deluxe

 MaryH, I have the Deluxe 7pod.  From what I'm reading, 8" is the size of most mature butter/bibb. So you're right, that would definitely cover 2-3 pods.  However I'm thinking I could keep it more contained by eating the outer leaves as it grows.  Maybe 4-6"? I guess there is only one way to find out!  I just ordered a variety of different things, I'll try them all and see what works well!

Thanks everyone for the input!  I'll come back and share what I find. Can't wait to start growing some lettuce!! 


MaryH (not verified)
Josh, Which model of AG do


Which model of AG do you have?  I know with my SS6, I doubt I would have enough room to grow head lettuce since the size of the the head of boston or other loose headed lettuce would probably cover 2-3 pods at maturity.   The difference with the cut and come again lettuce is that they tend to go up more than out.

Does not hurt to try a pod or two and plan some loose leaf too.



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Josh - thanks for the kind

Josh - thanks for the kind comments.

I honestly just don't know about cut-and-come-again with the head lettuces. I didn't grow 'em because I'm in the same boat - mostly me eating the lettuce, with minor assists from a teenager and a guinea pig. And everywhere online suggested looseleaf lettuce for cut and come again. (Only AG suggested romaine that way, that I saw.) I know Beth has grown head lettuce, but then cropped the heads. Peat likewise. Jessijordan has mentioned Bibb, and said it was in her AG salad greens kit, but I don't know which lettuce she meant (sounded like what I'd always thought was a spindly romaine). Loose-headed lettuce might work...

If you try it, I hope you let us know how it goes for you!

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ironhalo (not verified)
Wow, thanks everyone for the

Wow, thanks everyone for the quick, helpful responses.  There is such a wealth of collective knowledge in this community, I love it! 

Gisette, that does make sense about the differences in the types of greens.  I have to admit though, I was kind of disappointed to hear about the "harvest all at once" nature of the head-forming lettuces.  I was hoping that I could just pick the outer leaves of a head of Butter (or Bibb, or Boston), and it would regenerate leaves from the inside out and keep on going and going.  Since I'm single and it's just me eating, I rarely need a whole head of lettuce at one time, much less 5-7 whole heads at once!

Has any one tried the perpetual 'much as you go' method with these head lettuces to know how they fare?  It sounds like from what Gisette was saying, loose leaf lettuces and Romaines can both be harvested continuously in this manner, and I think I will definitely plant some of those...but what I'm also really wanting to plant is Bibb/Butter/Boston.

The rest of the equation I think I have a handle on...  My kitchen is always cool (no baking), and I've already been very successful using Flora-series liquid nutes (thanks to Peat's guides!). 

Thanks again everyone!



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