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After reading all the good stories here, and JessiJordon's enthusiasm, I'm now totally inspired to try different things in addition to my AG's. 

This is my new bubbler system.  A black 5 gallon bucket,  a  cover imbedded with a 12" mesh basket. A length of tubing attached to an airstone on one end and the simple aquairium pump on the other end.  Will be using Peat's formulas to feed.  I expect to change the water every 2-4 weeks.  Anyone have any advice on that?  

I'll be using a 2 bulb shop light on chains, to start, adding another if the plants start to stretch to the light.  I plan 2 buckets with cucumbers, and 2 with bell peppers.  My AG's will have herbs, salad greens/lettuce, mild jalapeno peppers, ruby toms, and cherry toms, and probably piri piri peppers.  

Any advice anyone?  This is my first try at hydroponics, and I can use any help I can get!  lol  


Will post pictures as soon as I learn  how.  Help!!!!


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Sounds like a real deal,

Sounds like a real deal, Judith, my big hydro store has something similar in an ebb & flow system and made the innovation of having the drain tube insite the feed tube (whoopee!) then doubled the price. Can't wait to see what you come up with, I really like that design. Be sure to keep us posted.

On a tangent, have you seen how much more advanced other coutries are than we are? I'm using AutoPots from the UK that gisette turned me on to and the dollar to pound ratio is dropping quickly. It's cheaper to buy over there and pay for international shipping than it is to buy local. I doubt that will last for long.

Anyway, don't be a stranger, keep us informed.

Orlando Jude (not verified)
Hi Y'all!   Basically, at my

Hi Y'all!   Basically, at my local Hydro store, each bucket system cost  $28 (rounded off) - included black bucket, (keep the light out) black cover with mesh basket, clay balls, pump, air stone, tubing, and they drilled the holes for the tubing and installed the drain for me.  Bought separately, ph test kit, up &  down bottles, and flora nutes 1 of each.  I'm sure it can be done more economically, but I needed the help. (disabled and hubby passed on)  Yes, I've spent quite a bit all told, and was wondering myself what hole am I trying to fill?  But I spend most of my time right here in the house, so ultimately decided not to worry about it, and just enjoy it.  (I already had the carts on wheels, shop lights, etc.)

Did you check out my attachment above?  Very simple system. I exchanged the single pumps for 2 duals and will put 2 buckets on each cart (originally file carts) with a pump between them.  I also already had an extra surge protector.  Will take pics of the whole setup when I have it assembled.  (I can only work on it for short periods and had to clear out space for it first)   (I think that's laughter). 

The only cherry toms I like are the very sweet ones, but the Ruby's are supposedly quite good.  (I read that somewhere)  So far the Ruby's (yes, AG) and bell peppers are in my estimation, very slow.  One pod finally looks like a tomato, and the other is up but not the 2nd leaves yet, and the bells are just now forming 2nd leaves. On the other hand, I just checked my notes, and they are only at 2 weeks and 3 days today, Tuesday, so I guess I'm just being impatient. hahahaha  

Will try to learn how to post pictures today.  In the meantime, check out my attachment above.

Jessi I know what you mean!  I've had to spend quite a bit of time clearing out room in my craft room and I still don't have the system in place yet! lol.

Gisette I'll definitely check out Ellen's album.  Thanks for the heads up.






jessijordan (not verified)
Oh wow Judith! I am so

Oh wow Judith! I am so grateful I inspired U! I can't wait to see pictures of your homemade hydro system. I totally want to build 1 too but I have to make room in my apt. I have run out of free corners

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Oh, btw, while you're

Oh, btw, while you're visiting Picasa, or even if you're not - you might want to check out  Elle's albums. She also grew from Aerogardens into making her own hydroponics rigs. I keep trying to talk her into coming online here, but so far, we just keep chatting through our Picasa albums.

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Wow, deluxe, Judith! I envy

Wow, deluxe, Judith! I envy your array! How much did your hydroponic systems cost?

Really looking forward to hearing how the ruby tomatoes grow for you, too. This is the midsize heirloom from Aerogarden, yes? I might try growing tomatoes again if I ever see someone else succeed with something bigger than a cherry tomato! (I don't really like cherry tomatoes. )

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