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After reading all the good stories here, and JessiJordon's enthusiasm, I'm now totally inspired to try different things in addition to my AG's. 

This is my new bubbler system.  A black 5 gallon bucket,  a  cover imbedded with a 12" mesh basket. A length of tubing attached to an airstone on one end and the simple aquairium pump on the other end.  Will be using Peat's formulas to feed.  I expect to change the water every 2-4 weeks.  Anyone have any advice on that?  

I'll be using a 2 bulb shop light on chains, to start, adding another if the plants start to stretch to the light.  I plan 2 buckets with cucumbers, and 2 with bell peppers.  My AG's will have herbs, salad greens/lettuce, mild jalapeno peppers, ruby toms, and cherry toms, and probably piri piri peppers.  

Any advice anyone?  This is my first try at hydroponics, and I can use any help I can get!  lol  


Will post pictures as soon as I learn  how.  Help!!!!


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Orlando Jude (not verified)
Thanks for the link Peat.  I

Thanks for the link Peat.  I didn't have it.  But now I have another question: in the chart, one of the rows is "Nutrient Solution" which changes with the stage of growth.  What does that mean and how do I use that information?

Another question: you said "You then just match your plant type to the nutrients by watering down the nutrient mix, if needed. " How do I do that?






jessijordan (not verified)
Yes! I could see your pics!

Yes! I could see your pics! Nice! I see alot of room for some outriders on that table too!


Sure I can help... what you have to do hit source then copy the embed code of your sideshow & paste it in the body ...



I dont know why it doesnt look like Gisettes & Peats but you know, I kinda like this!



Orlando Jude (not verified)
Hi Jessi!! Were you able to

Hi Jessi!!

Were you able to see my pictures by clicking on the word here?  4 of them. 


Now I'd like to be able to insert the pictures right into the body of the post like y'all do.

Can you help me with that?


jessijordan (not verified)
the link to what Judith? to

the link to what Judith?

to paste a link: just copy & paste it in the body like so


(the computer does the rest)

To get a little more fancy... u have to know a little html but here are the very basics

1. hit source on the panel with all the little icons on it

2. put your cursor before the word you want to make the link...

for example: here

 then type

<a href="

then paste your link

 then type



then after the word (in our example here)




and you have

click this link here



Edit Post:

Looks like you worked that all out already! Before I finished typing!

Orlando Jude (not verified)
Trying again to insert a link

Trying again to insert a link -- here

jessijordan (not verified)
I'm really impressed Judith!
I'm really impressed Judith! You just jumped right into the big kids pool with mixing your own nuts & everything. I'm still shy mostly because of space and not know what else I could possibly grow right now!
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Judith, that's a great system

Judith, that's a great system you have there - you'll be able to grow some decent plants with that. Are you happy about how to use it i.e. how far the water level has to be to the net baskets etc.

If this helps, Deep Water Culture (DWC) in a nutshell...

"The system relies upon an air pump and an air stone to bubble air through the nutrient solution. In the beginning you need to generate spray, so as to get the clay pebble medium wet in order to establish the roots through the net pot.

The water has to be high enough to saturate the clay pebble medium by means of getting it wet or even moist via the actions of the bursting air bubbles.

Once the plant has established a good root system, then lower the level of water in the bucket so that some of the roots can be allowed to hang in the air between the net pot and the water level".


As for the nutrients, I think Bruce posted the link to GH in another thread (here it is in case you missed it). Just fill in the boxes and it will all be worked out for you. You then just match your plant type to the nutrients by watering down the nutrient mix, if needed.


Orlando Jude (not verified)
Bruce: I checked out the ebb

Bruce: I checked out the ebb & flo systems too, but deemed them to expensive for me. And I had come across auto pots online, but still don't really know how they work.  I've already spent way way way to much on all this, (between AG's & my buckets), so I don't really want to be enticed by anything else.   lol -- 

Do you have any advice about how much to feed (flora nutes) in a 5 gal bucket?   

Jessi:  They used a valve with rubber type washers to seal the drain.  I don't see any glue.

Gisette: I took a couple of pictures of the AG's, so will be trying to post them shortly. 



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Sounds like you got a great

Sounds like you got a great deal, Judith!

Plants make good company. And they certainly take love and attention.

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jessijordan (not verified)
Hey Judith! You are giving
Hey Judith! You are giving me ideas! I was thinking I would make a system & cut a hole in something & use some mighty putty to seal the drainer thingy in place but just having the hardware store do it for me...thats A good idea! I still might do it myself just cuz I'm a nut & I love projects. On a side note... this gardening bug I developed has helped keep my mind off my diet! I am growing food not eating food! lol


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