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I created a Grow Log to document my little fruit, herb and vegetable garden I am growing in my

New York City apartment.

You can see all my photographs at

When I'm not gardening I am a singer, songwriter and music producer and make the best coffee toffee on the planet.  So good it was featured in

The New York Times


Updated: March 19, 2010

New Apartment & New things to Grow yay!



 Updated: May 6, 2010

Over the weekend I saw an inspiring filmed called Food Fight & it reminded me how important it is to eat organicly grown food. The truth is you cant get more organic than growing it yourself so I have returned. My garden of 2010 has been planted and today we have sprouts!

Planted May 4, 2010 from in Aerogarden Minis left to right... Bibb Lettuce, Yellow Tomatoes, Genovese Basil, Thyme & Romaine Lettuce. Radish, Broccoli & Arugula Microgreens in green trays & Baby Bibb Lettuce.


Updated: July 7, 2009

My garden is doing very well now! I have been enjoying my lettuces & micro greens. I have even planted a cucumber & a couple of tomto plants in AG3s.

Cucumber, Tomatos, Lettuces & Herbs    Micro Greens & Wheat Grass    Snow Peas in My Homemade Hydrogarden    Burpee Lettuce Vivian & Bibb Lettuce

The plants I gave my mom have done well. She has tomatoes & peppers that taste amazing!


Sadly yesterday she discovered that she now has spider mites! How do these things find us?! At least, she has the spray formula I made to beat them. I am looking forward to having alot pf pennyroyal to keep the bugs away. It has just sprout a day or so ago.


Updated: June 16, 2009

My infestation is completely gone! Yay! I have already begun a new crop of romaine, lettuce vivian, bibb lettuce, arugula, thyme, chives, tiny tim tomatoes, broccoli microgreens, basil, oregano and am waiting for my cilantro & dill to sprout. Its been a few weeks now & I have had no sign of mites and my gnat population is almost none gone! I used a homemade insectide recipe I found online & it works like a charm. It kills the buggers on contact. I used the recipe I found here but I only used 1 tbsp of oil instead of a full cup. 


 Updated: May 26, 2009

I discovered today that I have a trouble infestation of spider mites which has infested almost all of my plants . I also broke one of my AG3 bulb when trying to clean the webs on top of it. Therefore I am retiring my gardening gloves for the time being. It was fun while it lasted. Until the bugs came

Updated: May 3, 2009   ...the view from inside my homemade grow tent!

Level 1

Level 2

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jessijordan (not verified)
Well Judith, I'm not giving

Well Judith, I'm not giving up as much as scaling waaaay back. I had a loooooot of plants in here...emphasis on had. I threw out almost everything....

I had too! Almost everything was infested. Even my aerogarden romaine lettuce which is completely ridiculous! I couldnt imagine eating any of it. But I kept...

Plants with no sign of infection so far...

- 1 tomato plant (with the 1 tomato on it ), 2 out of 3 seedlings in soil that I planted Friday.

- 1 romaine AG3 pod that I just planted in AG3 on Friday. It was in the same AG3 as the infected romaine lettuce but it still had its dome on it & as just a few sprouts so I will keep an eye on it.

- the Strawberry plants


Plants that are infected but I am treating with constant rinsing & sparying with 91% rubbing alcohol which I diluted 3:1 with water...

- 1 sweet pepper plant in soil

- 1 jalapeno plant in AG3

I read online that alcohol kills the spider mites & gnats on contact without hurting the plants (b/c it dries quickly and doesn't leave any reduce). I actually had a bit of fun killing the gnats. They deserved it!

I was cleaning the AG3s that had the green beans & the jalapeno and found so many webs in and around the bulbs. I even broke one of the AG 3 bulbs which is a bummer but I pulled off the hood & will use one of my many grow lights as a sub.


So when all is said and done, I will recover. I will just grow lettuce in 1 AG3 & vases, some herbs in 1 AG3 & vases, some tiny tomato plants in soil and the sweet pepper plant which is in soil  & jalapenos in 1 AG3 that I'm treating, if they make it. All the rest of the seeds I have left will go to mom's house. There are no bugs there


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Giving it up!?! Hey, Jessi,

Giving it up!?!

Hey, Jessi, here's a concept... Dunno if you'll like the idea, but...

Buy some insecticide (one that includes spider mites), and really blast them. What lives, stays. What dies, goes. Like a truly cathartic, frustration-venting type experience, like punching a pillow, only more murderous. Maybe?

Moderator. Author of Indoor SaladEcigs 102, and the Calm Act climate apocalyptic series.

Orlando Jude (not verified)
I'm sorry to hear that you're

I'm sorry to hear that you're giving it up.  Maybe just do a search online about how to control the mites?  Not closing in the plants?  Not bringing in live plants without thoroughly inspecting them?  Spray with a food safe spray? There has to be a solution.

I can't imagine you giving it up.    So sad......



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Jessi, that's a really neat

Jessi, that's a really neat setup - nice.

jessijordan (not verified)
Thank You Judith!!!

Thank You Judith!!!

Orlando Jude (not verified)
WOW!!  Your grow tent is

WOW!!  Your grow tent is wonderful! 


Now I'm going to check out your links.




WOW again!  Great voice -- you go girl!

jessijordan (not verified)
Simon is just scarey!

Simon is just scarey! lol

Thank you for the warm welcome! I am so happy to have found such a warm and encouraging group of Aero super-knowledgeable people!

BB (not verified)
WOW! Have you met Simon

WOW! Have you met Simon Cowell yet? Beautiful stuff, both you and the plants. Glad to have you on board!

jessijordan (not verified)
aw! thank you so very much!!!

aw! thank you so very much!!!

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You have such a gorgeous

You have such a gorgeous voice! The blue eyes are really striking, too!

Moderator. Author of Indoor SaladEcigs 102, and the Calm Act climate apocalyptic series.


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