But it drips...

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I really didn't like the dripping noise from the empty pod holes in the Pro100, since only 3 holes were in use for my peppers. This went through several rounds before I ended up with a design I liked.

drip lids round 0 drip lids round 1 drip lids round 2 drip lids round 3

Round 0 : I just covered the holes. But - then the drip-drip-dripping was really annoying me...

Round 1: circles cut out of frozen food package cardboard, with yarn glued to hang down in the water spigots. I happened to discuss the problem with Aerogrow customer service, and he made the excellent point that I didn't want any toxic glues in there. So, used regular white school glue (Elmer's.) So the water runs down along the yarn, just like it runs down the roots of bigger plants, and the dripping noise goes away.

Round 1 was cool, and cheap, but with such soggy bits of yarn, the Elmer's glue didn't hold. Within a couple days, the yarn dropped off down into the bowl.

Round 2: So, I cut into the cardboard to suspend the yarn bits.

Peppers now age 10 days.

This also works. But we now have soggy yarn (it acts as a wick), going through cardboard cuts. Having spoiled the nice plastic seal on the cardboard, these little cardboard circles don't last long before they're sopping wet and turning brown. Not washable. So, either cut little circles out of more frozen packages over and over, or come up with a better lid.

Round 2 : My daughter had some craft foam. Cut new circles out of that, and attached the yarn the same way. Craft foam is washable.

Peppers now age 17 days.

This is what I'm still using. The part of the yarn above the grow surface is wet and lit, and does gather algae. And the nutrients crust in the foam cuts. However, the whole shebang is washable, so if they start looking grungy, I wash them.

And no dripping noise.

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