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Help taking pictures

Hi All,

  I continue to take less than satisfactory pictures. What is the best way to take pictures of the ag?  Lights off? Is there a best camera setting for taking ag pics?  Any help appreciated!


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Hi, Beth, I decided a while

Hi, Beth,

I decided a while back to just leave my camera set to exposure compensation -0.7. As in, dim all photos on input. I use Picasa to process pictures, and it has a very nice fill light function that brightens the dark bits without washing the light parts of a photo. That combo helps a lot with Aerogarden pix, or any pictures under strong light.

I imagine I took a photo series at +1.0, +0.5, +0, -0.5, -1.0, etc. and decided which of the series I liked best. This wasn't my idea. H2O at the old place took what I thought were the best pictures, so I asked him how he did it.

Even with these settings, I often try a second picture with the plant lights off and room lights and camera flash on. Especially with peppers and tomatoes, the leaves block all the light, so the bottom of the plant is lost in the murk while the top is overexposed. Some plants just have very glossy leaves, too (like vinca and peppers), so leaf glare is a problem. Anyway - whatever change (angle, light, flash, macro...) I often take more than one picture and pick the best.

Of course, have to aim the camera so that no bulb gleam shows in the picture. And we all know what an AG looks like, so I normally fill the frame with plant, not plant neighborhood. Closeups with macro setting on camera, of course. Then I crop the photo half the time, anyway.

This is all assuming you like my pix. If not - never mind! 

Edit: Oh, yeah - on the AG, it also helps to raise the lights, usually. Though I don't always bother.

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