HELP! My Bell Pepper plant BROKE!

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HELP! My Bell Pepper plant BROKE!

I came home to find my hard work and love wasted..... my bell pepper plant broke and fell over.  It totally broke away from the root system.  Is there any way to save the plant???  It was doing so well, budding nicely!  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I also have a Mega growing in the same grow surface, so I'm not sure how to restart the pepper plant from seed without ruining the MEga root system.  (Woudl assume i have to pull out the dead bell pepper roots before planting a new one...)


SO SAD :(   See attached...

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Hi Stulman,  Oh - how awful! 

Hi Stulman,

 Oh - how awful!  Gisette has given you good advice.  Did you have it supported in the ag?  They get real top heavy and do need to be supported. 






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Hi, Stulman1 - welcome!

Hi, Stulman1 - welcome!

Would that it were under happier circumstances - yikes...

No. No, there's no way to save the plant. You can, however, take cuttings of it to get a jump-start off starting from seed again. Though ... I'm not sure how much time it saves. Thing is, peppers grow so slowly compared even to tomatoes. So... Yes. You can doing cuttings and try to root them. But even if they take root, they'll be so far behind the tomato that it'll be pretty stunted. It would probably be best to just grow the one mega and let it take all the light and give you more tomatoes.

I'm sorry.

If you don't know how to do cuttings, just ask. But in the meantime, slice whole branches off and put them in water - and then ask. Because I'm going offline in a few minutes...

Oh - and I'd pull out the pepper pod - gently - and just cut the roots if I can't pull gently enough because it's intertwined with tomato roots. Dead, the pepper roots will gradually become less tangled with tomato roots over a week or so. When you dump the water (you do need to completely dump & replace the reservoir with tomatoes, preferably every other week), rinse, and eventually the pepper roots will mostly be gone. Breaking a bit of root won't hurt the tomato, and you'll only be breaking a bit.

I am sorry for your loss. It hurts, I know.

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