Hanks Grow Log

This is my first attempt at hydroponics.

I purchased a T8 4ft 2 bulb shop light and made the light stand out of PVC (thank you internet).

We decided that we would use a seedling starting kit we had in the garage. Watered, and waited:












While the seedlings baked, I shopped around for a tote that these little guys would go in. After much research, we settled on a 10 gallon one. 

Drilled a few holes with a 3 inch hole saw and a few openings were made for the air tubing.

We filled the tube with tap water and adjusted the ph down to 5.9 and let it bubble overnight to clear as much chlorine as possible.

Our seedlings were ready to transplant in about a week. The only unfortunate thing is that we had too many plants! I guess we got a bit excited with dropping as many seeds as possible into one small pellet. 

After getting the nutrients in and setting the ph, we ended the first week in water. We also gave our spare plants to my Mother in law and replaced the T8 light setup to a 4 bulb T5.

Here is day 15 after cutting the tops off of the tomatoes and the lettuce:

We have since started a second tub with basil, more spinach and lettuce, and dill. 


Since starting my plants in water, I've tried to track the ppm and ph levels on a daily basis. There was a period of about 4 days where we were on vacation so no readings taken.

Looking at the ppm chart and from reading online, it appears as if I may have overdosed my plants. Using the manufacturers recommendations, we started with 28ml of Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom which is half of the recommended dose.

We started low at 230ppm and then fed a week later bringing it up to489ppm. The ppms rose a bit, indicating that the plants were drinking more water than nutrients. Over the past few days, it shows the plants are taking up more nutrients.


ph has been all over the place. The swings are not that drastic. I think we may have started out too low at first. The plants seem to like the 6 range.

15 day log:

So far, no real problems. At the end of this week, I will probably change the water and nutrients in both tubs.

My 9 year old daughter has taken a serious interest in growing plants. I bought her a Aerogarden Ultra/LED.

She is very excited and today her plants just popped up (not a good picture).

We may have to start her log soon.





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