Growing Carrots Hydroponically

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Carrots and subterranean vegetables can be grow hydroponically as well, hydro is not just limited to above soil growth.

What you will need:


Vermiculite - add to perlite for better water retention, not absolutely necessary but it does help.

A good deep, ideally lightproof plastic container with holes at the bottom - at least 12 inches deep and the same wide. The bigger the better.

Another plastic container that the one above can sit in, this will hold a quantity of water all the time. Alternatively, a deep drip tray - say 2 to 3 inches in depth.


Fill your container with perlite, ideally you would add vermiculite to this as well - the ratio is 3:1 perlite to vermiculite.

Place your seeds in the main container, cover with vermiculite to the depth that is written on your seed packet.

Lightly mist/spray the top of your main container with some water, we need to get some water to the seeds to start. Keep the top of the main container moist, keep misting as appropriate until the seeds establish themselves - see your seed packet for germination times.

Don't pour water directly down on them at this phase, the seeds will be washed away by this!

Once the seeds have germinated, give the top of this container a good watering three times a day - approx.

Keep the drip tray (or other container), full of water


Generally - carrots take 2-3 months to mature and germinate in 6 to 10 days.

Radishes are also a good crop, they need less space and grow really quickly. They will mature in 30 to 40 days and germinate in 2 to 6 days.


Enjoy the world of subterranean hydo... 


Weekly Pictures

Starting Week  Week 2   Week 4   Week 5   Week 6   Week 7   Week 8   Week 9   Week 10   Week 10 Harvest - a stunning display of tiny carrots!   Week 16 - Ended this grow, taking far too long.

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jessijordan (not verified)
Yea! HUGE range... even corn

Yea! HUGE range... even corn which blew my mind!

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Pretty good deal, and a huge

Pretty good deal, and a huge range to choose from.

The edit button does not always work with me, it happens now and then - always when you want to edit something.

jessijordan (not verified)
I wanted to edit the other

I wanted to edit the other post with todays picture of my carrots but I didnt see the edit button (weird)

Anyway, I dont think I will need to move anymore furniture for 1 more pot of carrots. I can just put them under my grow tent & add lights there! And now that I think if it thats exactly where my cipollinis are going when my seeds come!

I am glad you looked up micro greens. They are all the rage in trendy restaurants and at the catered events I have been to. Once I found out what I had to do to grow them all bets were off! I can have the taste of carrots in 3 days versus waiting months and months for a whole 1. Can do that with almost any veg: broccoli, onion, celery and herbs of course. Good deal huh?!

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I've had a quick search for

I've had a quick search for carrot microgreens (not heard of them before), they are touted as having a very powerful carrot taste. Once you clear the remaining house furniture then you should be good to go.

Add them to the list...


jessijordan (not verified)
Yes, soooome singers can

Yes, soooome singers can actually think & wont it blow your mind when I tell you I can do math too! LOL!

My carrots are coming along... I think. There are some sprouts happening. These are the scarlet nantes.

I have a pack of Burpee Sweet & Petite that I want to plant. Just gotta make the room

I have also taken up growning microgreens and have read that carrot microgreens taste just like carrots that I have to try next.

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Thanks Jessi, like that

Thanks Jessi, like that thought process - there are intelligent singers out there after all. 

They should have grown fine, the per/ver is not that compacted, plus, I planted some in coco-coir as well - these grew worse! What I've done now is plant some more in the coco-coir, give these a go. 

How are your carrots getting on?

gisette -  how did you guess my surname?  

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LOL, Peat! I like that -

LOL, Peat! I like that - stubborn!

Moderator. Author of Indoor SaladEcigs 102, and the Calm Act climate apocalyptic series.

jessijordan (not verified)
Well yea! I should like to

Well yea! I should like to think... at least 1! LOL!

Perhaps the perlite/vermiculite is too compact with little give and perhaps the carrot cant force its way down to grow long and "normal" shaped. Of course, if this is the case I have no idea how to tell u to fix it. Just thought I'd mention what poppped into my pretty little head.

Oh wait... I do have a thought!

Perhaps you can use aerogarden pod as a basket to hold the seeds and some p&v intially and then when the carrot gets to be the size of the pod u can cut the bottom of the pod out & let the carrot grow longer inside the pod in the p&V. Or when you do pull them out, cut the pod open at the end & stick em in the aerogarden! Not sure if thats doable but you'll figure it out. You're Peat!


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Cannot agree more. I also

Cannot agree more.

I also have a packet with 3000 seeds, I must be able to get a decent carrot out of that lot?

jessijordan (not verified)
sucker for

sucker for punishment...


Aren't we all?


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