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Grow Logs

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Today's fun was trying out the Lightbox2 software, still on my quest to get decent photo growlog handling.

I really like how my newly reformatted peppers growlogs came out. Well, actually, I've only reformatted two so far:

But that's how I want them to act! Basically.

But - getting them that way was still too laborious. What I want is a tool to build those lightbox groups of photos automagically from a Picasa / other album... That takes coding however...

Anyway, I like the book approach to collecting growlogs, and letting any participant choose whatever format they want for their growlog. Person A can do standard Blogging (and use their favorite Blog editor, I think... need to explore that), Person B can make a forum topic, Person C can use a Story for each growlog topic, etc. I think this'll work.

Opinions sought. (TM)

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