Grow Anything Button?

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Grow Anything Button?

Yesterday I got my 1st Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty Elite I have a Question How to use the Grow Anything button ? I click on the button takes me to a screen saying choose what one i want i click on next takes me back to the quick plant menu screen , i just want to start peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, mint at the same time . Please anyone reply to me back real soon this is my 1st time

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Hi Illusive,

Hi Illusive,

Sorry I don't know the Bounty Elite - you'd have to consult the manual. (They're available online.)

But for your first time, I suggest you grow one, not all, of those things. They won't do well together, because they have different nutritional needs, and wildly different lifespans and plant heights. I  recommend lettuce, because it's fast.

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