Gourmet Herb Seed Kit Planted on June 24th, 2015

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Gourmet Herb Seed Kit Planted on June 24th, 2015

This is my first Blog with Aerogarden Ultra Led and my first seed kit, which came with the Aerogarden. 

(Gourmet Herb seed kit)

As an experiment I didn't plant the 'Thai Basil' pod. Instead of that I wanted to try a custom seed pod with my own seed pod sponge. I used 'Frost King, Air Conditioner Weatherseal' for $3. I cut it and put 2 Tomato Bush (Glacier) seeds in it, that i bought from Whole Foods for $1.89. 

PS. To see how I replaced the seed pod click here

Day 1


Day 3

The winner is Genovese Basil


Day 12

All pods beside Chives sprouted. On the label it says 8-22 Days so still waiting.

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Yes so far it's been 16 days

Yes so far it's been 16 days and i plan to post updated pictures on day 21 but still no chives and so far what I read on the web a lot of people have trouble with AG Chives Pods. I put as backup some Organic Parsley seeds to paper towel in case the Chives will not sproud within next week.


Yes with the Glacier Tomotoe Plant you are totally right, It's growing much faster then the Herbs and I don't want block light for the Herbs. I may remove it but It's good to know that the Frost King AC Sponges worked :)

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I wish you the best of luck

I wish you the best of luck with your projects. I haven't had much luck with the AG chives. I just pulled two pods and replaced them with Savory and Parsley. I've tried them on several gardens. I currently have two custom pods of Burpee chives going on another garden. They are pretty sparse, as of yet.

As for your Glacier Tomatoes, those are a 3-foot plant. If you want to grow those, you will need to do vigorous pruning. You won't be able to grow more than two of those on an AG, maybe only one. They will also prevent any herb plants from getting much light in less than two months if you combine them on a single garden.

Good Luck


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