Fountain System is now Flowering

 Hi Guys,

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of months. Got side tracked by my wedding and honeymoon. However even though the plants have been woefully neglected I can at least say I have found a reasonably inexpensive holiday watering solution.

After adding Hygrozyme into the my nutrient mix everything has just taken off. However my peppers aren't settings so I'm guessing I may be doing something wrong so any ideas would be appreciated. Pic's below:

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Thanks for the well wishes!

Thanks for the well wishes! I'm glad I have found someone who puts up with all my hair brained schemes. I mean how many women out there would let their other half take over a corner of the lounge in a 2 bedroom flat with some crazy pepper growing tent.

The PH is a little on the high side - 7.1 - so I'll add a bit of pH down tonight. I am using bloom nutrients but I suspect Gissette may be right it could be the first round of flowers falling off. They've only started flowering about 2 weeks so guess I just need to be patient. I'll double check the nutrient mix strength as well to ensure that's all good.

There's not much air movement in the tent as I don't have space for a fan in there. Pete you have any instructions on how to do some manual pollination?

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your wedding!!! No surprise if that was a distraction!

How long have the peppers been flowering? Seems like all my hydroponic peppers, and possibly the outdoor ones as well, have failed to set fruit on their first flowers. Sort of like they're practicing or something. And I've overreacted and tried assorted things to appease them, which probably accomplished nothing. If the plants look healthy, I wouldn't worry about it unless they still don't have fruit setting in a few weeks. And those plants look very healthy.

I'd love to see the flowering system!

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