A Fan for the Farm Plus

I’ve been measuring the air temperature under the LED lights on my Farm Plus.  What I found is that the temperature goes up to 86 to 88 F during the day with the lights on, going down to the mid 70s at night with the lights off.  The plants are in the early vegetative stage and the lights are in their lowest position, about 6 inches above the deck.  From what I’ve read, a temperature of 77 F is more appropriate, and 88 F is way too high.  

I bought a clip-on 6 inch fan on Amazon for $15 and attached it to the side frame of the Farm Plus.  Now the air temperature peaks around 77 F under the lights, going down to about 72 F with the lights off at night.  This is shown in the attached graph.  I run the fan 24/7.  I highly recommend the addition of a fan.  

PS:  I measured the basin water/nutrient temperature too.  It was 82 F without the fan and 73 F with it, measured in the daytime with the lights on.

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