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Hi Everyone,

Can you please let me know when the earliest I can move a seedling into a hydro system. Is it as soon as the roots start poking through the growing media. I realise that I want to be using a very weak nutrient solution / no nutrients at all but was wondering what you guys generally wait for before moving seedlings into your system

Thanks as always


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If I was growing a seedling elsewhere, I'd wait until the growing media has roots showing before putting it in your hydro system - see below.



If you want, you can grow the seed planted in your hydro system direct - below again.

The seedling was placed in my rockwool and put directly into the hydroton, a small dome was placed on top to aid growing. Leave a small gap in the hydroton for the plant to emerge, once it's up and established you need to backfill the space around it to keep most of the light off the rockwool.


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Rob - It may also depend on the plant. Cucumbers and spinach are really, really sensitive to having their roots disturbed. So yesterday I put baby cuke seedlings into their hydroponic rig as soon as the roots were down to the bottom of the original grow sponge - before the first leaves were up.

Kristian (not verified)

I should have done this with my pak choi :(

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Kristian - could you put a plant into a fogger system before the roots were out to be fogged? I think you probably did the right thing, or right enough. As in, next time you'll have a slightly better idea.

adam007 (not verified)

Gisette is right. It depends on the plant that which plant's roots start poking once. I suggest that after completing the roots of the plant, you should start to move seedling into your hydro system.