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I have recently separated my peppers out of the aero unit and into their own DWC buckets. The tomatoes would have eventually taken over all of their light and nutrients had I left them all in there. There is also some romaine lettuce seedlings in DWC in the grow tent as well.


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Re: Are you happy with your

Re: Are you happy with your feeding dosage?

I thought I was :) I just changed the nutes 2 days ago and I went from giving them "vegetative growth" strength to giving them "transition to bloom" strength nutes (GH flora 3 series). I decided to change the nute solution because the tomatoes got their first little flowers... was this a good decision? I am starting to think they need to get a bit bigger before they can support a decent amount of fruit... should I pinch off the flowers? I wish there was a way for me to hurry up the shipping process for the EC meter I ordered this morning.

My reservoir is an 18 gal res, but I can only fill it with 6 gallons of water/nutes (otherwise my sprayer heads are submerged). I follow the feeding schedule given by GH on the back of the bottles. I am thinking about changing the res out again either tonight or tomorrow morning. I am going to wait for opinions from anyone who would like to share "what would you do" :) it is appreciated! *should I put the tomatoes back on vegetative growth nutes? or keep them at transition?

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There's not going to be an

There's not going to be an easy fix that will sort this out by adding another chemical, you could be doing more damage by adding your epsom salts in an unknown quantity than good - too much can cause just as many problems by locking out other nutrients.

The solution is to know what quantities of nutrients you need to feed them (as per my other post), what the EC is and to keep a close eye on the pH which is very important.

The GH nutrients, at the correct dosage, will contain all you need to keep the plants happy.

You've probably done this already but a full water change and fresh nutes is in order, once you get your EC meter you can see what you are feeding them - are you happy about your feeding dosage?

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My opinion: The tomato leaves

My opinion:

The tomato leaves were definitely pH damaged. That damage will never go away - you need to look at new growth to make sure the damage isn't happening anymore.

The peppers are less damaged, but probably by the same thing.

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