Cotyledon tomentosa (Bear Paw)

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This is a beautiful, cheap little succulent I bought last fall at my local supermarket. It cost me all of $4. It's furry, and cute, and really lives up to its name. Much like aloe, the leaves can get pretty fat with moisture, and if you touch them too much, they much might fall off. I never knew that these could flower as well... and so I've had them sitting in between my two AeroGardens for a while. When I didn't have them running, it sat at the kitchen window where it barely got much light at all, and had much cooler weather. 

As of early May, I noticed it had what I thought was a flower bud. At first I thought it might be new leaves, but as as of May 27th, it was a clear flower bud. Well... It's been a constant watch with this little one, and I wish I would have trained a camera on it. It started slowly opening up right before my eyes this morning. Just gorgeous!

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What a neat looking plant and

What a neat looking plant and flower!







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