Bad blogger

I think I am as unorganized, disorganized in keeping track of my plantings as I am in everything else. Of course, the result is that I have some lettuce plants that do not do as well in  hydroponic settings. However, they still taste good while they last. Keep in mind, typing this hurts... literally due to an old injury. However, I keep it up as I refuse to let it deter me. 

I have several aerogardens, I have mothballed several of them for an unknown period of time. I am working more with dwc tubs. One is home made, one from supercloset (supercloset 16), and one from General Hydroponics (rainforest 18).  I use the aerogardens I have left as a bridge between the tubs in the down time between an old tub garden and a new one. They give me a small salad ever day or so. Plus, ag's are just plain fun to watch. 

anyway, they're done end of day at work. more later.

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