Amaranth and More Greens

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week 0: new greens garden in pro100, lettuce outriders alongside 2008-01-02: Started another greens garden, pro100. Planted:

2 pods AG mesclun mix (grew to 3)

1 pod AG mesclun mix (latest 2 didn't grow )

2 pods heatwave lettuce

1 pod tendergreen mustard moved downstairs

1 pod Asia red amaranth (yeah, been talking to Ann again )

1 pod tenderleaf (green) amaranth

1 pod Simpson Elite lettuce, replacement pod

2 pods gourmet organic looseleaf mix (2009-01-22)

The outrider Korean red curl are very happy to have the pro100 lights down again. I am very happy to have counter space again. At least for a while.

2009-01-05: Asia red amaranth pod developed white fuzz infection, resistant to H2O2 treatment. Tossed before it could infect the rest, and replaced with Simpson Elite, because this garden could use some more "plain old lettuce", and I'm thinking red amaranth and I are just not meant to be...

2009-01-09: I'll try keeping a timeline at the top of this topic, details below. I've grown so many greens gardens...

week 1: greens garden (simpson elite 3 days younger - back midright, green amaranth back midleft)

2009-01-17: 2 weeks, still growing well. But scrounged 2 pods from this garden to renew the downstairs mini lettuce garden, so these will be even more mixed-age. Adding a couple ml of Flora Micro and Grow to the 2 AG MG small tabs, seems to have been enough to keep the mustard greens happy. On pure AG salad tabs on another garden, the mustard was sick and yellow. New replacement pods are AG mesclun.

2 weeks: amaranth-greens garden - amaranth back mid-left, mustard greens front center, rest mostly lettuce Added 2 more mesclun pods to replace mustard & mesclun moved downstairs. 

2009-01-22: My two replacement AG mesclun pods failed. They really don't seem to keep well after breaking the shrinkwrapping, at least not in my garage. Cleaned out the pods and replanted them with a gourmet looseleaf lettuce mix - the first custom seeds I ever tried. Hopefully some seeds out of that mix will like current conditions...

2009-01-24: 3 week point for 4 of these pods. But they seem to have favored romaine-types out of the seed mixes, and the green amaranth seems pokey, so postponing the 3-week harvest to 4 weeks. They look fairly nice... But wondering if it's time to get new bulbs for the pro100.

0-3 week amaranth/greens garden + outrider + seed starting block. 

2009-02-08: 5 weeks for the biggest ones. I have high hopes that the new truncheon-controlled nutrients will turn this garden around. Even just two days so far has seen a big improvement!

5 weeks or less: pro100 lettuce, amaranth not visible.  Lettuce pro100 & outriders - much happier after truncheon! 

2009-02-28: Garden's end. This was planned - wanted a quick lettuce crop before starting summer plants. The garden never did very well, anyway, though.

End of a lettuce garden. Only 4 pods producing anymore, and I need to start summer crops. 

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