Alpine Strawberries in Megagarden

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Started my Alpine Strawberries (Frageria vesca 'Improved Rugen') on Jan 31, 2010.   40 seeds were sown into 15 Aerogarden starter pods. Plan to transplant into Megagarden.

"Some people claim this Alpine Strawberry is the best-tasting of all. Runnerless variety is very hardy and can be used as an ornamental edging or groundcover. Wonderful for snacking. Attractive to birds, bees and butterflies. Fast-growing, blooms spring through fall."

Aerogarden seed starter is a float system.  The styrofoam insert is designed to fit all their normal sized 6 and 7 pod units.  As such in my Aerogarden 6 elite there are light spaces on all sizes.  Will be monitoring during the 4 to 6 weeks as the strawberries germinate.

As seen in the picture I only used 15 of the 66 starter pods.  Pulled the extra 51 pods for later use and stored them in a zip lock bag.  Did tear up one to loosely fill the pod holes and cover the seeds.  Last step was to cover the empty holes with foil.


More coming soon...


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