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Affiliate Links

Since Aerogrow recently added an affiliate program, I decided to try it out.

There are two kinds of ads here - "Google AdSense" and "Affiliate Links". I don't control what appears in the Google AdSense areas - those ads are dynamically populated based on Google's stable of advertisers, their parameters for number of showings, what keywords to match with, the content of the dynamic page (conversation) you're viewing, etc. Some small percentage of those ads pay a tiny amount for number of page showings. Most pay nothing unless someone clicks on them.

The Affiliate Links are different. Showing them, and users clicking on them, pay nothing. But - if the visitor actually buys something from those online stores, AerogardenMastery gets a modest commission. The visitor pays nothing extra for this - you get the same deals you would have gotten if you hadn't visited their stores via the affiliate link. My intent there is to show links for companies I do business with, in relation to this website.

I hope to have another link up there to Park Seed soon (have applied for their program). This was tempting in that I link to Park Seed and Aerogrow from this site all the time, anyway. LinkShare is simply the company that runs the Park Seed affiliate program.

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