Aerospring Salsa


Aerospring Growing System from

Using Liquid Earth 3 part growing nutrients (Came with system)

Growing 4 Black Russian Tomato Plants and 4 assorted hot peper plants (with all luck I can make HOT Salsa when done).

Day One

PH - 6.45 @ 52.0C

472 PPM







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Arcadys (not verified)
The seeds are almost random.
The seeds are almost random. I went on EBAY and picked out anything that looked interesting. I am trying to go with all heirloom seeds and just experimenting with the different varieties. If they work out well I would love to share the seeds.
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Nice setup Micheal, you like

Nice setup Micheal, you like your peppers hot  - a bhut jolokia!!!

The Black Russian tomatoes sound pretty good, looking forward to seeing these as I've not heard of them before.


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Very nifty. Just the names

Very nifty. Just the names of those peppers sound hot...

Why Black Russian tomatoes? Are they particularly tasty, compact, or ?

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