Aerogarden fall 2011 Peppers, Basil, Dill and Parsley

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Hi All, 10 October 2011: Well, the AG basement garden has started much earlier than I'd like. I was supposed to do the hydroponic presentation this month but it got cancelled (again). I really don't like growing things in the basement until first frost because of the chance of bringing bad bugs into the basement. Still a real posibility because my late started outdoor tomatoes (right outside the basement!) are infested with aphids and whiteflies! Doused with insecticidal soap but still a threat! So anyway, I've got mini jalapenos, Ace bell peppers, monstruoso basil and one ag with parsley and dill up and running. That combined with the small hydro unit with peppers, a bucket o' cuc and potted Giant Marconi pepper round out the bunch.

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Nice, Beth! Impressive pepper

Nice, Beth! Impressive pepper production for AG's!

You starting your spring stuff in the Aerogardens, or just clearing room?

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 Hi All, Just an update.

 Hi All,

Just an update. Picked 14 jalapenos tonite - spicy! Picked about a dozen bells and 10 frying peppers. Basil wonderful but just about spent. Time to start more. Gotta clear out the old and start planning for spring.  Beth







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